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SP Hana Galore Set 06



Six pieces dress for NEO Blythe and similar sizes. Fits on Licca, Obitsu 22cm and Pure Neemo Flection Full Action M bodies.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind with COVID there are many delays in shipments, and I am sorry, but I cannot take care of losses that are not within my responsibility.






This is Spring Dress 2021 Version, a five pieces set for blythe, and fits in other dolls bodies. The set contains:

1️⃣ Dress, made of french fabrics with a beautiful flower pattern.

2️⃣ Pink petitcoat made of cotton

3️⃣ Blue Tights

4️⃣ Bow belt made in same fabric

5️⃣ Cherry bag, with a gold chain, and this bag is non functional

 6️⃣ A pair of white shoes

You can see in the link below all the details of this delicate dress.


Doll are not included.

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Información adicional

Información adicional

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Dimensiones 25 × 35 × 3 cm